RJRj was born March 12,2010 27 wks premature. He was born with a heart defect. At the age of eight months- he underwent open heart surgery. The surgery was a success but a week later he took a turn for the worse. During this time he flatlined and the decrease of oxygen to the brain left him with brain damage. I remembered when the doctor came in and told my family and I that the prognosis was grim. My mother looked at me and said,”Don’t look at the circumstances, look to GOD.” Rj finally came home when he was fourteen months old, with a trach for continuous oxygen along with a g-tube for feeding. By the GRACE of GOD a year later Rj was blessed to breathe on his own and the trach was removed. Through God’s grace Rj is still progressing. I ironically learned about the LLH by seeing a flyer of another child and her story. I was so overjoyed to hear about a school just for children with special needs. Immediately I called and learned that Rj was going to be placed on the waiting list and best of all it would be Tuition Free. What a blessing to hear!! My prayers where answered when I received the call that Rj would begin school August 11,2014. The school not only provides small classes with qualified teachers but also have on staff PT,OT and ST. It’s nice to know and meet other families who are in similar situations and because it is a Christian school this has afforded me peace of mind that Rj is in good care. In the little time Rj has been at the LLH, I can see progress and that lets me know that this was a good decision and GOD is in control.