MackenzieThis is Mackenzie Wilbanks. She was diagnosed with a rare disorder called Genitopatellar Syndrome at the University of Mississippi Medical Center in October 2010. All we knew is that she would have severe physical and mental delay. While we were in the NICU, we kept hearing about this school called The Little Light House and how we needed to get on the waiting list immediately. Time after time we were hearing about LLH. We were so excited to get our little Mackenzie on the waiting list and visit the school. In April of 2011 we got a call saying there was a place for Mackenzie for the next school year and set up a time for the screening. We felt so honored and blessed to be so quickly a part of the family of The Little Light House! Mackenzie started school the following August and has enjoyed every minute of it. She has really been able to learn interaction and how reaction is important to communication. She used to get lost in her surroundings but has now become a big part of it. We continue to work on her intentional communication and movements. Only through the unconditional love and unselfish giving of time and talents of her teachers and therapists at The Little Light House has Mackenzie been able to grow into the precious girl that she is today! Offering such services tuition free has greatly helped us not to worry about the next month’s funds. Thank you to those who have given of their time and/or monetary donations in effort to provide our little ones with a safe, loving, Christian environment.