Lottie Hunsberger is three years old and has spina bifida. She began attending The Little Lighthouse in August of 2014.  Lottie was adopted from China into her forever family in April of 2013. Her parents did not know much about her condition when they brought her home and began seeing specialists and reaching out to others in the special needs community to learn as much as they could about providing for Lottie’s needs. So many people they talked with highly recommended The Little Lighthouse and had wonderful stories to share about the difference the school had made in the lives of children they knew. Lottie’s parents called The Little Lighthouse to have her added to the waiting list and were told she would be number 44 on the list and to expect a wait of possibly three years! While they were initially discouraged by the potential wait, they also knew and trusted that God’s timing was perfect and committed to praying for God’s will to be done in Lottie’s admittance to The Little Lighthouse. Just eight months after joining the waiting list, they received a call that there was a spot available for Lottie beginning in August!  Lottie’s family was so excited and rejoiced in such an answer to prayer. Although Lottie has only completed a few weeks at The Little Lighthouse so far, she is definitely thriving and loving her new school environment. Her teachers greet her with a warm welcome every morning and have made her transition to the school so seamless and positive. Her parents, teachers, and therapists have already seen Lottie reach a significant milestone since starting just a few short weeks ago. When she started at The Little Lighthouse, Lottie had just begun using a walker but was not very confident in maneuvering it and was still building up her strength to walk with it outside of therapy sessions. With daily practice at The Little Lighthouse and during only her third week at the school, Lottie was not only using the walker much more frequently and with much more confidence, she actually took her first steps unassisted! Lottie was quite proud of herself and her family along with her Little Lighthouse family celebrated such a major accomplishment in her life! Lottie and her family are so thankful for the ministry of The Little Lighthouse.  Raising a child with special needs is such a blessing but it can also feel very overwhelming. Lottie’s mother, Gloria, explains, “The support and encouragement we receive from the teachers and staff at The Little Lighthouse and the fact that the program is tuition free is such a blessing to our family. We could not be more thankful to be a part of The Little Lighthouse family.”