kaidenKaiden was born in October 2011 with a rare genetic disorder known as Apert syndrome. Apert occurs in approximately 1 out of every 160,000-200,000 live births and affects the skull, midface, hands and feet. Kaiden has had two cranial surgeries to allow room for his brain to grow. His fingers and toes were fused at birth and he’s had one operation to separate some of his digits. Kaiden spent nearly a month in NICU after birth and at discharge we were given some information that lead us to The Little Light House where he was placed on the wait list when he was a few months old. In December 2013, we received a call from LLH that a NEW classroom opened up and that Kaiden would be ready to start in January 2014! We were so excited! In 8 months at LLH, Kaiden has learned the entire alphabet, shapes, colors, uses a few signs, and more! We are so blessed to be a part of the LLH family!! The fact that this amazing school is tuition free for the parents means so much to our family! The staff at LLH are so dedicated to our children and love each and every one of them, and our children love them! Kaiden is a different person because of LLH and he is doing things that doctors said he may never do. We love LLH! The Mann Family