Jordan Jones was born to the parents Justin and Courtney Jones on June 10, 2011, and was diagnosed with Cerebral Palsy at birth. We were shattered by the news and had trouble accepting his diagnosis. Jordan was first accepted at Little Light House in January 2014 and has made major strides since starting! Since his enrollment, Jordan has learned some sign language and able to use a communication board and much more. Jordan is developmentally delayed and receives physical, occupational, and speech therapy at Beyond Therapy Pediatric Group. With the support of his therapy team and motivation from his teachers (Mrs. Brittany and Mrs. Allie) and The Little Light House faculty and staff, Jordan has accomplished some of his milestones. In addition, he is partially potty trained. Some of his favorite things are: riding his motorcycle, playing on his tablet, watching the Mickey Mouse Clubhouse, and listening to music. Although Jordan does not walk at the present time, I’m looking forward for this day to come as well. Justin and I would like to thank everyone for their love, support, and prayers for Jordan as he continues to progress. May God bless you all!