huntDuring a routine check up while I was pregnant, Huntleigh was diagnosed with Hydrocephalus and a Bilateral Interventricular Hemorrhage. Hydrocephalus basically means “water on the brain”. Hydrocephalus occurs when the cerebral spinal fluid is blocked within the ventricles causing the ventricles to enlarge. Huntleighs’ ventricles were so large that the fluid ended up pushing her brain to to the rim of her skull. Somewhere along the way, she also had two hemorrhages within her ventricles. Both of these events cause brain damage. I can remember talking with the surgeon one day and him telling us that Huntleigh would most likely be a “vegetable”. He said to not expect much out of her life. After Huntleigh was born she had brain surgery and received a VP shunt. The shunt drains the fluid from her brain caused by the hydrocephalus. The shunt is not a cure, but it does allow her to regulate her fluid in a more normal way. She was diagnosed with mild cerebral palsy and also has seizures. All of these things combined made it hard to find a place that she could go to school. A nurse in the NICU gave me information on The Little Light House and I immediately put her on the waiting list. We were told that it would be two to three years before she would be able to attend. The daycare Huntleigh was attending was beginning to not be able to accommodate her needs anymore. I was so stressed about what to do and where to put her. Soon after that I received the phone call that Huntleigh had been accepted into The Little Light House. She attended the school for a little over two years. I can not express what this school has meant for her. When she started she was just starting to sit up, did not say very many words, and had no imaginative play. She graduated this past May walking, talking (and doesn’t stop), and has the biggest imagination of any three year old I know. The Little Light House is a beacon of hope for families like ours. It is a ministry not only to the kids but also to the families. We are proud to be a part of this family.