drew Drew Traylor was born on November 8, 2011. When he was 7 months old, he came down with bacterial meningitis. It was only 19 hours from the time he showed his first symptom of being sick to him being in the ER on a ventilator not able to breathe on his own. We don’t know how he got the infection and probably never will. We just know that day changed our lives forever. Drew was in the hospital for 35 days initially and was on a breathing tube for 9 of those days. We thought he would wake up, pull that breathing tube out of his mouth, and be ready to go. Oh how we were wrong! When he got sick, he lost his ability to do everything he was able to do before. He no longer knew how to eat and had to be fed through a feeding tube. He couldn’t roll over, sit up, pick up his head, use his right side, cry, or even coo. He lost all of his eye sight and most of his hearing, and something as simple as smile he could no longer do. All areas of his brain were damaged from the meningitis, and as a result he has had many, very hard to control seizures. It has been a little over 2 years now since this happened, and Drew has proven to be a little fighter. He can now eat by mouth, smile, coo, sit up, has head control, move his right side better, most of his hearing has returned, and he tries his best to communicate with us by making sounds. He does still have CVI, cortical visual impairment, so as far as we can tell he is not seeing anything. He has also been on the ketogenic diet for 1 year now to help with seizure control. He is working on things like rolling over, lifting his head from his stomach, putting weight through his arms and legs, using his right hand to pick up toys, saying simple sounds, transitioning from a bottle to a straw cup, and many more things. Drew has come a long way, and we give God all the glory. He still has a long way to go, but we know that God is in control and has a special plan for Drew’s life. We first heard about The Little Light House from his therapists at Beyond Therapy and immediately put him on the waiting list. We were so excited when we got the call that there was an opening for Drew. The timing of this happening was perfect. Drew is now much more awake and alert during the day ready for more stimulation and extensive therapy, and that is exactly what he gets at The Little Light House. He has only been at The Little Light House for a little over a month now, but it has already been a huge blessing to us. Drew loves his teachers and his new friends. He receives OT, PT, and ST while there and is also learning about God through their Bible based curriculum. With it being tuition free, that is another burden taken off of us as parents. We are very excited about having this opportunity for The Little Light House to be another way to help Drew progress. The Little Light House has also been a blessing to us as parents because it has given us the opportunity to connect with other families that share similar challenges. We are very thankful and blessed to have a special place like this to care for our sweet Drew.