cartercJust by taking a look at Carter’s beautiful face you would never know he has been to the operating room more than 30 times. Born August of 2010, Carter was diagnosed with Cloacal Exstrophy in utero. He was born a fighter. Last year Carter had an orthopedic surgery that required him to lay flat on his back and not move anything below his waist for nearly 3 months. By the grace of God Carter pulled through. Now he is walking, talking and loving life. Carter still has a lot of medical needs, which became puzzling when Brandon and Meagan Cline, his mom and dad, started looking for a preschool that could serve Carter. Meagan thought that she would call around and everyone would understand his condition and be happy to accept him into their school. With Carter’s medical needs, this was far from the case. That was until she found The Little Lighthouse. Upon calling and speaking with the Director, Carter’s parents knew The Little Lighthouse would be a great fit for him. Carter was placed on the waiting list. With several major surgeries ahead of him, this was a true blessing. God’s timing is always perfect and as soon as Carter had healed from the surgeries Meagan got a phone call. Carter would soon be able to start school at The Little Lighthouse. The improvements Carter has made have been amazing. Due to all of his surgeries Carter had become delayed in speech. Just a few months after starting The Little Lighthouse Carter’s speech has blossomed. One morning, while driving Carter to school Meagan heard a small voice in the backseat say Jesus. She glanced at the backseat where Carter, still half asleep gave her the “What are you looking at?” face. She turned around and continued to school. A few minutes passed and then she heard it again although this time it was followed with an entire sentence and a HUGE smile. “Jesus loves me this I know, for the Bible tells me so…” She quickly looked back and Carter was singing Jesus loves me, with the most proud grin on his face. In just a few short months at The Little Lighthouse, Carter has gone from saying little to no words to singing the most precious words here on earth. Jesus loves me! This is what The Little Lighthouse is all about! We are blessed to call The Little Lighthouse Carter’s school. To God be the Glory!