caitlynWhen Caitlyn Ann Stewart was born with Down syndrome, it was really a secondary concern. First we were worried about whether or not she would live. Caitlyn had problems with her heart, which took two surgeries to fix. Once Caitlyn was recovered, we wanted Caitlyn to get the best possible care in a Christian environment. The Little Light House is that environment. Whether it’s Caitlyn learning how to say God in sign language or getting attention from her team of therapists, the Little Light House is a great environment for our daughter. The best thing about the Little Light House is the people that work there. From the teachers to the therapists to the administration, I’ve never seen such a group of professionals who so clearly love their job. Their enthusiasm is infectious for the rest of us! Not only has the Little Light House connected us to so many other families that have similar challenges, but it also has made such a difference for our daughter’s development. Caitlyn will have a long road with school, but getting started right before her 2nd birthday at school gives her a great head start. It’s a blessing that the best place for our daughter is also tuition-free. Normally there is a wait list, but due to everyone stepping up an extra classroom was added and Caitlyn was accepted in only a few short months. Having a child with special needs can be tough even without considering the financial aspects, whether it be the many doctor and therapy appointments, waiting a little longer for your child to be out of diapers or walk, or living any worries about what types of limitations your child will have to live with. We so very much appreciate the gifts everyone has made to help fund the Little Light House to help manage the financial stress that could otherwise be present. When we found out our little girl could have Down syndrome, I never thought of praying for her to be different. Prayers were said to have the strength to handle it. God put the Little Light House in Caitlyn’s path as part of His answer to provide that strength. – Caitlyn’s Dad