The Rain Didn’t Go Away, So Now We Strut Another Day

Cold and dark with rain-soaked skies

Laps this year was a big surprise.

Those who ran were like the Flash!
Kinda like a splash and dash!

Our kids were ready, dressed for fun
To show off all the things they learned.

But an unexpected twist of fate!
The weather did not participate.

So, now they have another chance
to move beyond that circumstance

Struttin’ Their Stuff is on its way and
November 18th is the perfect day.

Join for fun from 6 to 8,
We’ll start on time so don’t be late!

Please help us celebrate our current students and their accomplishments. Classrooms will be open for tours and we will have an opportunity to catch up with alumni, too.

While the rain didn’t dampen our spirits, it has delayed us in reaching our goal of $120,000. Your consideration of a donation is greatly appreciated.