Thanks to Our Guest Speaker

Special thanks to Ward Foley, this year’s guest speaker, for an inspirational message.

Since the publication of his memoir, Thank My Lucky Scars, Ward has emerged as a popular and sought-after speaker, in addition to his regular hospice work, he has spoken in myriad venues across the country, bringing forth a different kind of hope with his message of faith, endurance, and inspiration. Ward has shared his story on numerous TV stations including ESPN, WFAA Dallas,  CBC in Canada and BBC in England.

In addition to his books (Thank My Lucky Scars, God Didn’t Make Me a Woman Because I Had Enough Problems) Ward developed the character of “Scarman” after 30+ surgeries left him with multiple scars all over his body.

It is Foley’s hope that Scarman would help children to love and accept themselves just the way they are. Since Scarman’s “birth” many years ago, he has become a symbol of self-confidence and hope to children all over the world.

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