Check our school calendar for volunteer opportunities and upcoming events

Check our school calendar for volunteer opportunities and upcoming events

The Little Light House offers a tuition-free early intervention program for children birth to six years consisting of intensive therapeutic care and cognitive remediation. Addressing a child’s physical ability, wellness, mind, and community, our year-round program promotes systematic, long-term, healthy change. A Bible-based curriculum specifically designed for children with special needs is the foundation for our classroom structure. Working alongside parents, our staff members develop individual education plans with measurable goals for each child. School sessions are held Monday through Thursday, from 8:30am to 1:30pm.

It is not only children who are served by the Little Light House. Support groups, seminars and practical training sessions are also provided for the families of our little ones, assisting them with the parenting and remediation of their children. More than an organization, the Little Light House is a ministry.

Contact us for waiting list and enrollment information.

The services at the Little Light House are carried out by a highly credentialed staff of Christian professionals. The students are served year-round by certified special education teachers; speech, occupational and physical therapists; and trained volunteers. A loving, supportive community surrounds each child, applauding every milestone of success and visibly demonstrating the love of Christ. The Little Light House Central Mississippi is accredited by the International Christian Accrediting Association.

The Best Things in Life Are Waiting for You! Become A Volunteer!

Imagine starting off your day with a hug… working in a positive atmosphere with people who care about you…making a difference- a big difference- in the life of a special child. These are some of the best things in life, and our classroom volunteers experience them each time they visit a LLH classroom.

One hallmark of our program is our Individual Education Plans created for each student. Our volunteers engage in therapeutic play with the students as they work on their individual goals. Volunteers also help out during meals and group activities.

Volunteers choose how often and what days they want to work. While we prefer that volunteers help from 8:15 to 1:15, half-day shifts may be arranged on occasion. Students and interns are welcome. Volunteers must be 14 or older to work in the classroom.

If you have any questions about how to experience some of these “best things in life”, please visit our volunteers page. We’re always happy to answer questions and help you work out a way to be a part of the LLH experience.

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